Book Review 4: Vampire’s Bite by Eve Grant


Title: Vampire’s Bite
Author: Eve Grant
Release Date: September 7, 2014

She’s responsible and takes life too seriously

Susan Ethans is a model student: perfect grades, a dream scholarship, and a promising career ahead of her. But her grades alone aren’t enough to flirt with the hot guys on campus. She doesn’t want to end up being a wallflower, but there isn’t much she can do about it.

A vampire bites her

A madman bites her neck and drinks her blood. She tries to get away, but he drains her life away until she collapses.

She thinks she’s going to die, but she wakes up at an eccentric millionaire’s home. She feels healthy, renewed, and even smarter. Something is changing within her.

He has everything… except love

Nicholas Hill has power, money, and an English accent to die for, but he speaks like a man from the 19th Century. His notions of propriety and manners make him different to every other man in the world. Susan is instantly attracted to him and knows that he likes her, but something tortures his soul and doesn’t let him follow his heart.

Will a mere student change a powerful businessman’s life, or will their personalities clash until they can no longer stand each other?

Rating: 2/5
Review: This book shows some promise for a vampire romance novel. However, labeling the book as a BBW romance on the cover seems unnecessary and quite detrimental. I take it that BBW means big and beautiful women, but shouldn’t it be left to the reader to decide how the characters appear? There are female characters who aren’t model thin (like Lili DeLuca in Kate Meader’s Hot in the Kitchen and Eleanor in Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park) and yet are perfectly likeable. Also, does BBW mean that not everyone can read this book? If this book is just for big and beautiful women then Susan, the protagonist, isn’t a very good personality then because, instead of being proud of just being herself, she goes on to gloat about what weight loss does to her appearance. And not everyone is fortunate enough to be bitten by a vampire.

As for the story, I wish there had been more scenes involving Nicholas. It would have helped to move the story along had there been insight from Nicholas’ side. The ending is a cliff hanger and I hope that the next book will have more interaction between Susan and Nicholas, and less of Susan contrasting her old self with her new self.

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